Fredrik Smulter

Fredrik Smulter är en finlandssvensk världs mästare i bänkpress.

100X200kg in 28.30 minutes. RAW benchpress

Ugly pretty.

205 reps on 100kg in 12 minutes and 15 seconds

Freddi Smulter doing the "Josef Eriksson Challenge"

2x290kg raw benchpress

3x280kg raw 2 angles


PR RAW benchpress 301,5kg

Training style. 2 angles.

PR 2x286,5kg 2 angles

I know that the lifting style is not allowed in competition.

16x220kg raw bench press


2x241,5kg + 60-67kg bands

13x225kg raw bench press


2x241kg and 1x251kg + thick blue band 60-67kg


313 kg of 2cm board raw bench press

248kg+60-67kg band (blue band)

6x225kg and 1x255kg + 47-50kg bands


MIGHTY MIF Music video

Filmed at training and our game against Los Bombers. Music by Kenneth Nylund and Simon Åb...

288 kilo raw bench press

show in Botniahallen for "Österbottens pensionärer"

2x241kg incline, 251+47-50kg bands, 7x220+47-50kgs bands 2cm board

8x242kg RAW and 4x295kg of 5cm board RAW

4x236kg incline bench press

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